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How suitable are you for different jobs in biotechnology, bioinformatics etc?

Shodhaka offers SOTS-JSA that can be your online career counsellor. This unique system can also be your door for jobs in any Biotech company.


At Shodhaka, we are looking for energetic young people willing to grow with us.

For current openings, please read the details below and send your CV ( ) as per instructions:

    1. CV should be in word/pdf format
    2. Name of the CV file should have the job applying for (e.g., writer, sales, others) followed by your first or last name (e.g., writer_Joseph)


A. 'Bioinformatics/Biotechnology/Bio-marketing executive*
  1. Eligibility: Science graduate or post-graduate with Life Sciences as one of the major subjects (biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, zoology, botany, agriculture, bioinformatics, etc.). A good command over English language and willingness to travel are necessary. Previous experience in marketing/sales or any such related activities may help, but may not be required.
  2. Main responsibilities: Marketing of the Shodhaka services, training programs and products for scientists, teachers etc in the life sciences area. Youngsters with ambition to become marketing leader within 2 years are encouraged to apply. We are really looking for individuals who can be quickly trained but are willing to grow with us over long term.

B. Possible future positions at 'Shodhaka':

You can apply with CV to ( We will consider your CV for any current and future openings. Do not forget SOTS JSA

*Remuneration for all the positions listed above will be based on the performance in the selection process and the training required.

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