As part of its socially responsible activities, 'Shodhaka' is organizing a half day counselling session on job-seeking and career planning for students and unemployed youth from life sciences streams (biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, pharma, agriculture, zoology, botany, bioinformatics etc).

Day: 14th April 2018 (Saturday); start time: 1:20pm

Venue: IBAB Garden (near the front gate)

Organizer: Prof. Kshitish Acharya, Chief Scientific Officer & Founder Director, Shodhaka Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., also a faculty scientist, IBAB, Bengaluru

If interested please write to: juneindia [at] before 12th April 2018.


A brief discussion: "Is it important to PLAN for a career?"
Type of job/career options and assessing your suitability
Discussions on PhD now vs. PhD after a gap vs. no PhD
Discussions on higher studies in India vs. abroad
Discussions on applying for jobs, CVs and preparing for interviews
Any other questions you may have