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Data access and analysis have taken a central stage in biology today. 'Shodhaka' has emerged with a vision to rescue the scientific work from 'dearth of seriousness' in the area of data analysis, particularly among the service providers. We truly believe in being a team of discoverers who work with other scientists by providing the data analysis services of highest quality. We would like to grow with our client-scientists and organizations.

Lack of attention to the flood of databases and software related to biological data is one of the main reasons for the glaring gap between 'data access and analysis' and 'the research approaches of experimental biologists or computational biologists'. In an effort to fill such gap, our organization has already begun the herculean task of scientifically analyzing the existing databases and software -from a 'biologists' perspective'; the web-portal and some of our publications illustrate our efforts in this direction. We are perhaps the only organization that has spent 5 years in systematically comparing several types of such resources.

Researchers at Shodhaka are involved in original basic research. The team has an expertise with in silico as well wet-lab work. We do take up some of the associated experimental cell and molecular biology work with our collaborators.

The service-providing activities have been initiated only recently as we spent multiple years in obtaining a greater insight into the relevant databases and software. We have already completed multiple projects in the areas of NGS and microarray data analysis, biocuration, custom-designing databases & software, biomarker discovery by in silico approaches.

Shodhaka has also been using its expertise to provide training to other scientists in analysis of data from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), microarray and mass-spec experiments or general use of bioinformatics sources for genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics (SNPs, miRNAs, ontology, protein interactions, pathway analysis, molecular docking,homology modelling etc).

The Team:

The core team has four scientists with post-doctoral research experience and 2 researchers with 5-6 years of experience each in data analysis (as on March 2014). There are other research assistants trained in specific areas, including programming.

The Leader:

Brief profile of the founder director of Shodhaka (Kshitish Acharya K):
  • 24 years of experience in India (Mangalore Univ., BHU, IISc, IBAB, Private companies) and USA (Univ. Virginia).
  • Experience in academia & industry; research, teaching development & production. Multi-country exposure (India, USA, Australia and S. Korea).
  • Conceived & convened one of the most successful courses in India: a unique 'laboratory course in bio-techniques'.
  • Eleven years of teaching, research and associated responsibilities at IBAB (
  • Completed several research and consultancy projects; multiple research publications in peer-reviewed and well-indexed journals.
  • Experienced in research in diverse fields, but mainly in molecular biology and bioinformatics.

With researchers actively engaged in real biological research, development of novel databases and software, and detailed comparative studies on data handling procedures, Shodhaka is indeed offering the best discoverers at your service.
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