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Apply for internship/ project work/ summer training

Applications are invited for internship/project work/summer training from biotechnology, bioinformatics and other life sciences students/freshers for the following types of research projects (at 'Shodhaka') for various durations:

  1. Molecular analysis of cancer of selected tissues
  2. Molecular analysis of neural disorders
  3. NGS data analysis
  4. Microarray data analysis
  5. Development of software / databases for biological research
  6. Programming in bioinformatics
  7. Genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics
  8. Drug designing and molecular structural biology
  9. Biostatistics

Students interested in marketing and other business-related experiences can also apply.

Procedure to apply:

Email the following information:

  • Current course
  • Duration of the project
  • Expected start date (at least approximate week or month)
 and attach yout CV.
Email id:

Selection will be based on an online entrance test (best performer may get a stipend*)

*conditions apply

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