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Integrated gene expression data analysis

Apart from routine analysis of data from microarray, RNA-Seq, EST & mass-spec, researchers at Shodhaka have established multiple unique research approaches. Combining the computational expertise with biocuration, the team has developed more efficient gene expression databases as well as new software - including a few for downstream functional analysis. The team now has the ability to make maximum use of publicly available data along with new experimental data. We are also capable of performing an integrated analysis of multiple types of gene expression data, across techniques/platforms.

Example(s) of completed projects
  • Developing databases and performing gene expression analysis using microarray and RNA sequencing data [multiple projects and collaborations; 3 of the collaborative work published].
Relevant publications
  • PLoS One. 2013;8(3):e58419.
  • BMC Genomics, [2013] 14: 922
  • PLOS One, [2012], 7(5), e36776
  • BMC Genomics, [2010], 11: 467
In house research
  • An algorithm developed for integrated analysis and ranking of most important genes in specific contexts.
  • Multiple mammalian gene expression databases developed using biocurated data.
  • A new tool under development for RNA-Seq analysis.

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