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Data mining and Biocuration

Researchers at Shodhaka took up the painstaking task of curating biological data and have now successfully created a new RNA-protein interaction database through biocuration. It is time-consuming and requires effort and specific skills. We have extensive experience and knowledge in literature search and data collection, and have developed many resources, both in-house and in collaboration with the other national level institutes, through curation.

Illustrative list of tasks
  • Basic and advanced literature searches based on purpose
  • Selection of appropriate resource for primary data
  • Designing data storage formats
  • SOPs for biocuration and update
Example(s) of completed projects
  • Developing databases and performing gene expression analysis using microarray and RNA sequencing data [multiple projects and collaborations; 3 of the collaborative work published].
Relevant publications
  • BMC Genomics, [2010], 11: 467
  • PLOS One, [2012], 7(5), e36776
  • PLOS One, [2013] 8(3), e58419
In house research
  • Development of a novel meta-analysis algorithm to make use of different types of gene expression data
  • Development of new RNA-protein interaction database through biocuration

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