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Biomarker discovery by in-silico approaches

In the last two decades a huge amount of high-throughput data has been generated for various normal and disease conditions. This data can be used to explore the molecules strongly associated with a particular condition. Our expert team specializes in using the already existing data and interpreting it to make new discoveries. We can help you in discover and validate novel biomarkers associated with a disease condition of your interest using various in-silico approaches.

Relevant publications
  • BMC Genomics, [2010], 11: 467
  • PLOS One, [2012], 7(5), e36776
  • PLOS One, [2013] 8(3), e58419
In house research
  • A meta-analysis algorithm developed for integrated analysis and ranking of most important genes in specific contexts for Testis and Uterus related tissues and disorders.

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