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Advanced literature review and meta-analysis

Literature search is an integral part of scientific research. There are various literature search engines that exist today. We have performed extensive research on literature search tools and explored their useful features, which a biologist may not be aware of (Development of a software for compiling hits obtained by literature search across multiple important literature search tools). By using these specific features in the search engines, searching literature can be faster and more meaningful. A better literature search would help in developing a more reliable hypothesis.

Illustrative list of tasks
  • Basic and advanced literature searches
  • Tool selection based on purpose
  • In-depth query designing
  • Filtering results based on advanced filtering options
  • Combining results from multiple resources
Relevant publications
  • Nature Precedings, [2011]
In house research
  • Development of a software for compiling hits obtained through literature search across multiple important resources
  • A semi-quantitative comparison of biomedical literature search engines
  • Development of a portal for majority of bioinformatics resources as a guide for biologists (

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