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Key areas of services offered

Data Analysis

  • Gene Expression data analysis (microarray, ESTs, RNA-seq)
  • ChIP-seq/ChIP-chip
  • NGS (Genomics, including variations such as SNPs, indels and CNVs; metagenomics)
  • Protein and other molecular interaction analysis, network visualizations
  • Gene ontology and pathway analysis
  • Mass-spec data, sequence analysis, RAPD analysis, etc.

Developing new databases and softwares

Biocuration, data mining and advanced literature search

Biostatistcal analysis

Biomarker discovery by in silico approaches

Access and analysis of molecular biology data in general

  1. Developing databases and performing gene expression1 analysis using microarray1 and RNA sequencing1 data [multiple projects and collaborations; 3 of the collaborative work published]
  2. Metagenomics1 analysis of sequencing data from NGS & Sanger's method in the context of human gut microbiome [completed for a medical research group in India]
  3. Reference and de novo genome sequence1 assembly, gene annotations (miRNA included), phylogenetic analysis of raw genome sequence reads [multiple projects]
  4. miRNA (microarray)1 data analysis [completed for a research group at CCMB, Hyderabad, India]
  5. Exon-array (Affymetrix)1 data analysis for brain tissue [completed for a research group at CCMB, Hyderbad, India]
  6. CHiP-seq1 data analysis [completed for a research group at KMIO, Bengaluru, India]
  7. Primer and mutation1 analysis in the context of oral cancer [completed for a company, Malaysia]
  8. Protein interaction and pathway analysis applied to mass spec and microarray data in the context of a human disease [completed for an academic research group, Mumbai, India]
  9. Development of a novel meta-analysis algorithm to make use of different types of gene expression data [in-house]
  10. Development of a new computational platform for protein-interaction analysis [in-house]
  11. Development of new RNA-protein interaction database by biocuration [in-house]
  12. Development of online test system for screening candidates for course/job-suitability in the area of life sciences [in-house]
  13. Development of a software for compiling hits obtained by literature search across multiple important resources [in-house]
  14. Development of a portal for majority of bioinformatics resources as a guide for biologists [in-house: please visit for more details]
  15. Computational structural analysis to screen and dock ligands [collaboration with VIT, Tamilnadu, India; published]
1We can also carry out some of the initial wet-lab work (purifications, quality checks etc) or any other molecular biology laboratory work, in some cases, with the help of our collaborating companies.

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